11 Quick Tips To Cure Writers Block [Plus My Personal Secret Tip]

Suffering from writers block? Wondering where to get some ideas for your next blog post or book? Banish the lack of finding things to write about using these suggestions.

1. Live Life. Go out and experience life. It is a constant source of ideas.

2. Read motivational quotes and see which one sparks an idea.

3. Read books. Yep both nonfiction and fiction are full of potentiality.

4. Watch a TV show as a writer.  The characters dialog or the storyline is an awesome source for ideas.

5. Go to events. Find events that are happening near where you live and attend them.

6. Listen to podcasts. Start listening to those that you feel you can glean something from, then expand your horizon to other areas.

7. Relax. A relaxed brain makes it easier to be creative. Creativity feeds ideas.

8. Go outside. There is something to be said about fresh air and idea generation.

9. Consider writing from a different location. Sometimes all it takes is a change in scenery to glean that ah-ha moment.

10. Borrow Ideas. Fan of reading other people’s blogs? Consider bookmarking those that you find as a potential source for a blog post of your own. I’m not advocating stealing the content, but I am suggesting it as a springboard for ideas.

11. Pictures. What’s the old saying? A picture is worth a thousand words. Take that quote a step further. Use the picture as a tool to fill up that blank page with content worth reading.

Here’s My Personal Secret Tip

Be in constant observation mode. You never know when an idea will pop up. Have a smartphone? Consider making an audio note for reference later. I use Drafts App for quick notes that I can easily send to Evernote later. When I’m at home I carry a notebook with me from room to room. Who cares what people think? You are an individual who is interested in living life thru writers eyes.


Photo credit: striatic via photopin cc

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