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Scrivener features

5 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love With Scrivener This Year

Still wondering if Scrivener is “write” for you? Wonder no more. Here are 5 of my favorite features that make Scrivener my #1 writing tool of choice. 1) CUSTOM SCRIVENER TEMPLATES Do you create the same document over and over? Create a template to use the next time. No need to create something from scratch when…

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Scrivener-Yosemite Update

Scrivener Yosemite Update Explained: What You Need To Know [the highlights]

  Ch, Ch, Changes… No, it’s not just a David Bowie song. Scrivener updated its MAC software to 2.6.0. While I can’t address all the changes that Literature & Latte introduced, I want to bring your attention to a few. Scrivener Yosemite & Other Updates Works with the latest OS (Yosemite) URL’s dragged and dropped…

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11 Quick Tips To Cure Writers Block [Plus My Personal Secret Tip]

Suffering from writers block? Wondering where to get some ideas for your next blog post or book? Banish the lack of finding things to write about using these suggestions. 1. Live Life. Go out and experience life. It is a constant source of ideas. 2. Read motivational quotes and see which one sparks an idea.…

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How To Change The Default Font In The Scrivener Editor

I remember thinking this too when I first started using Scrivener. I thought I was doomed into working with a font that drove me CRAZY. But don’t fret my Scrivener friends because there is a really easy fix.

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Scrivener corkboard-background

How To Change The Scrivener Corkboard Background

The Step-By-Step Scrivener > Preferences Click on the Corkboard Icon Navigate to the Corkboard background drop down menu. Choose > Custom background Select the background image from your computer and hit open.  Now you can close out of the preferences menu.  All done! You have now changed the corkboard background!

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10 Little Known Scrivener Tricks That Can Save You Time

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of cool little things you can do with Scrivener to save you some time. Here is a quick 10 to get you started. 1. Move the cursor to the bottom of the screen in full screen to show the control panel, or the top of the screen for…

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